I don’t quite agree with the British marriage visa law that was changed to 21 in 2008. I got married at the age of 19 and am 20 now its been a full year full of hardship for me and my husband as we are separated by the law. I have waited a full year for the law to change and have been abroad 2 times in one year to visit my husband. but now its too much for me I am pregnant carrying complication and the least good that can happen is for my husband to be by ma side when I need him the most. The only communication I have had with my husband since I have been back is on the phone. I was patient until now thinking that the British law is fair. After hearing that the visa age for HM forces has lowered to 18 I am sorry to say but I don’t agree with the law it should be same for all civilians. We also are human and need our partners and miss them as much as others. it would be grateful if the law could change back to 18 because this is not going to stop force marriages and also parent have become much aware of what their children require in life and force marriages is something of the past. If the law was to change I thing, as well as may other people would agree, it should have changed for all civilians and if not then it should have remained same for all.

Why is this idea important?

The law for all marriage visa should change back to 18. 21years is too long to wait. The same law should also apply for HM force.

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  1. i have been married for three years and been with my husband for 5 months in that three years, my life without my husband is very hard but this life is harder for the women who are pregnant, as they need their husband by their side to comfort them.

    it is easy for a person to make changes who is not in our situation, i only wish they could step into our shoes and see how it is like to be without the one person you love need and who understands you, and when times are hard will comfort you.
    this age law needs to be changed back to 18 years again. this law was put in place to help people not to re-win lives and brake two peoples live who are in love with each other, just think how you would feel if this was you.

  2. I want it to become 18 as well. I am engaged. I want to get married and settle down with my partner and family. Its been 2 years we have been engaged. When we planned to get married 1 the 21 law came and he had to go back abroad. I havent met him for a long time. Its really hard for us to stay without each other as we love each other alot My fiance is going to be 23 in october and i have just become 19. I have full rights to apply for fiance visa. I am not really happy. If you were in our situation and u would be facing the same problems, you could have committed suicide as u staying away from the one you love. This is wat we r feeling. Please try and understand and get the 18 law back.

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