the idea is that  couples that get married their spouse should become a citizen, my wife cant get a visa due to certain things that are uncalled for. she cant even now visit since the refusals which causing us much stress. my wife wish to come over to work and live a normal life with me, on both her applications they have made mistakes and failed to mention things and make new stuff up. i know there are sham marriages but a simple interview would see ours is not. i miss my wife dearly and the expense we have had to pay on trips and application could of been use to live happily and have gone on a honey moon. just the other day my wife was treat like a terrorist and criminal and was threated by a memeber of the staff i fort they was government officals not hired thugs.

Why is this idea important?

it is important  coz it is stopping genuine couple being together, enough immigrents get in without a single word said and then claim off the government funds. they think my wife will but she is not intitled to them anyways so she is an expetion. its a unneeded law that is breaking my and her human rights to be together, if we got granted the right to get married in the first place by the home office then why now can they refuse us to live together they may as well said we could not get married.

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