Compulsary National service should be brought back (2 years).

Why is this idea important?

It would mean most young people would not go straight onto the dole que.  They would get independance, get fit, earn money, learn new skills, community work and be prepared better for the outside world. They could be given the option to sign up to the forces when finished, go onto further education or back into civi street.

Everybody is treated the same. Could give disadvantaged kids a really good start in live. You would have less gangs going about. They could be split up. Any drug or alcohol involvement could be disiplined.It would make them better citizens.

People who I have spoken to who completed national service said it was the best years of their lives. They enjoyed it.  I really do believe this would work.

Lets face it dicipline is not really on the agenda for most young people today. It may cost a lot to set up but I think they benifits are great.. I really want the goverment to consider this. I really wish their had been National service around when I was a youth.

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