This web site is a covert way for the Countryside Alliance and the pro hunt lobby (and shamefully most Tory MPs are pro hunt) to get the Hunting Act repealed.  How are those who are against this to have a voice?  This web site does not give people a right to reply regarding suggestions to repeal laws thus giving blood sport ethusiasts a gift!!   Please remember 76% of the public remain AGAINST blood sports and no amout of trying to 'tidy up' the reality of blood sports by allowing hunting in some 'regulated' form.will wash.  It is immoral, unethical and  the ban needs to REMAIN and be strengethend.  Nick Clegg should listen to the majority not a minority of sadistic people!!

Why is this idea important?

It  You have no way for people to reply to the suggestions of repealing laws they are against repealing.

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