It is clear that the legal 'professionals' are abusing the Human Rights laws to the benefit of criminals.  Since the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) started INTERFERING in our legal process the bias has shifted from the victim to the criminal.

When a criminal CHOOSES to commit a crime that affects another human being and their human rights then the criminal should be choosing to forego their entitlement to Human Rights.  The criminals in our society however go whimpering to the ECHR about how harsh our sentences are or how our prisons are not comfortable enough and they WIN!  Our prisons are like hotels for the career criminals where they live in better conditions than many people in society.

A victim of crime DOESN'T CHOOSE to be a victim.  The victim DOESN'T DECIDE TO FOREGO THEIR HUMAN RIGHTS and thus let the criminal attack them.  Instead they have it thrust upon them by a selfish and callous animal.  The victim, if the criminal is captured, then faces a court battle to see justice done and when they think it has been the ECHR interferes and reduces the sentence or overturns it completely. FARCICAL.

It is high time that our legal system stopped pandering to the bleeding hearts and returned to a time when the law was feared, when sentences were harsh and prisons uncomfortable.  Some will say that the old system treated them like animals.  My opinion and I am sure the opinion of many others too is that CRIMINALS ARE ANIMALS and animals are NOT Human and therefore are NOT entitled to HUMAN RIGHTS.  They choose to act like animals and I respectfully suggest they be treated as such and therefore have entitlement to Human Rights legislation and protection revoked as a punishment for their actions and choices.

Regarding serious crime, murder and the like, where evidence is irrefutable then I would suggest that, on the same vein, that as VISCOUS ANIMALS these individuals should be treated how society treats a dog that attacks a human.  They should face CAPITAL PUNISHMENT.  This would be the justice they deserve as animals.

Return law and order to our streets, protect the honest citizens and make justice a tool to inspire fear in the criminal classes as it should be.  ACT NOW BEFORE OUR SOCIETY DETERIORATES FURTHER.  THE DECENT AND LAW ABIDING CITIZENS ARE LOOKING TO YOU FOR HELP BUT AS YET NONE IS COMING!!  LET THERE BE HOPE.

Why is this idea important?

Our society was once one where the vast majority were law abiding citizens who respected the rule of law and those who enforced it.  Doors were left unlocked, even open and only very rarely did anyone take advantage of that fact to steal, assault, rape or even murder the homeowner.

People were able and willing to stand up to criminals because they knew the rule of law worked.  They knew that if they called the police that they would come, and come quickly so it was important to be seen to be taking an interest so as to frighten the criminal away.

Well those times have gone on our shores.  Now we have entire housing estates where police officers do not travel at night, such as Halton Moor in Leeds (I lived their for 12 months and a 999 call to Killingbeck police – 1 mile away took 4 and a half hours to get a response, until it got to 8.30am and it was LIGHT!) 

People now hear a strange noise and they turn up the TV, they dare not open the curtains for fear of being seen and having windows smashed or of being attacked themselves or their house burned down.  The people know that the current set up is weighed in the favour of the criminals and they are both afraid and desperate, but no one ever asks if they feel safe in their homes.  If they are afraid of crime in todays society.  If they would welcome a return to heavy penalties for criminals and proper punishments. 

Britain looks to its Police to keep law and order, to make sure the people are safe to sleep peacefully in their beds.  But the Police look to government to help them do this and that help has not been their for decades now.  The EU courts and rules have diluted our justice system to the point where the ordinary citizen is bereft of faith in justice.  The criminal ends up on top time after time and the EU makes the matter worse week by week.

TAKE THE BIT IN YOUR TEETH AND MAKE THE CHANGE.  TELL THE EU TO BUTT OUT OF BRITISH JUSTICE.  Return our nations streets to the British citizenry.  The criminal element have held sway for too long a time and ONLY YOU can change this.

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