The Producer Responsibility Obligations (Packaging Waste) Regulations 2007 are a complete farce and should be themselves consigned to the waste bin.

These regulations pretend to encourage recycling whereas all they do is allow companies to buy their way out of their responsibilities. An Environment Agency representative admitted that they are a statistics gathering mechanism to demonstrate to the EC that we are meeting our recycling obligations by issuing Packaging Recycling Notes (PRNs) that packaging waste producers are then forced to buy in order to demonstrate that they have met their recycling targets. They can do this without recycling one ounce of packaging and the Environment Agency have no mechanism, or desire it seems, to require them to recycle anything.

The concept is that a PRN is issued for every tonne of packaging actually recycled within the country. The price of the PRNs rise and fall according to supply and demand and a scarcity of PRNs will drive up the price and thereby encourage more recycling.

Forgive the pun but "what a load of rubbish"






Why is this idea important?

A whole industry and clearly many government jobs have been created by these regulations which take up a great deal of our valuable time and completely fail to achieve the real objective: to increase the recycling of packaging waste. 

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