Companies employing drivers are not held responsible if their drivers commit driving offences, and yet tmany companies pressure employees to go faster, with bigger loads, and at times bully and harrass their drivers into illeagal use of tacho's.  Whilst the obvious answer is for drivers not to break the law, this is easier said than done when it is made plain that the drivers job is at risk.

Drivers should be penalized but I would like to see fines levied agains the companies in an effort to ensure they support drivers health and safety. 

I didn't vote for a coalition and doubt that any good will come of this website but hope to be proved wrong

Why is this idea important?

it is important to ensure that drivers of HGV's/or Van's are supported in resisting bullying and harrassment in the workplace.   Employers in most other industries are held responsible for the actions of their employees – but not in the case drivers who break RTA regulations.

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