Society has never been so broken as it is today, few people can name their neighbour let alone others on their street. Driven by a shopping culture of cheap booze, many spend the evening guzzling wine etc locked up in their homes. The governments attempts to kerb binge drinking are futile. People are tanked up before they go out.

Alchohol sold from shops should be heavily taxed per unit, making it a luxury item.

Alchohol sold from public houses should have the tax reduced.

The benefit of this would be a helping hand to the dying pub trade, socialisation of communities. Responsibility back to the land lords who should face the prospect of losing their licence/heavy fines, for bad/drunken customer behavior. Reduce alchohol abuse and the sale of fake goods with regular inspections.

Why is this idea important?

The public house is the heart and culture of our country. Without these social and historic places our nation will just become a housing estate linked by a motorway network. I believe this plan will reduce the damage alchohol has on our society. Put the glue back into neighbourhoods as residents meet each other on a regular basis. Save the pub trade, 1000's have already lost their lively hoods.

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