1st let me add that I am no way against any race no shape or form. Please can we not keep being Indian friendly? Keep it out of schools as this breeds racisim, I just read in the metro how certain muslim have instructed the school not to let their children learn about playing music Instruments as its againts the koran. Then with the new law about you can open your own school I suggest they open their own Muslim school as Catholic schools do and teach the bible as they see fit. I do believe that the curriculum  states that every child has to follow that instruction and that  is explained when you place the child ion that school.Also the "every child matters" come to mind that children have a choice in this country to have a choice and see children  from strong ethnics all ways on computers which is modern technology does not the koran think that is as bad as music? all this lets be polite to muslim should not come into our schools let children be children. One more thing, we were a catholic state when politics woke up then by default they invented Church of England.

Why is this idea important?

I am against racisim but If you talk to kids they speck more sence than Adults and the govenment keeps making foriegn ethnics happy and this is making a lot of English people in working class areas inturn creating racisim.

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