To reduce the expiration of patents and copyright to around 10 years.

Why is this idea important?

When patents/copyright were first introduced they expired after a period of a few years. This balances the need to incentivise research with the functioning of a free market.

However due to lobbying by copyright holders it now takes decades to expire, meaning that a company has a virtual monopoly on a product, leading to large prices and lack of consumer choice. It also costs the NHS and the public billions a year.

Redressing the balance back down to a more sensible level, possibly 10 years, would give benefits to the consumer and free up the market, while still giving incentives to innovate and research.

It may also help to tackle online piracy, as people would know that the copyright will run out soon, so they can hang on and pay a small price, though to get it earlier you fairly have to pay.

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