Relax the part 'P' regulations with regards to the qualified persons requirement for Electrical work in the house to a competent person.

This should include someone who has HNC/D, Degree, similar qualification or a specifically designed qualification (that can be taken at a tech college at a reasonable cost) or work experience/training dealing with Electronics or Electrical design or installation.


Why is this idea important?

Currently the only thing that a householder can do now with regards to electrical work is to replace like with like or a spur.

They are not allowed to undertake any other electrical work such as extending a ring or doing work in the kitchen or bathroom.

This restriction applies to anyone that does not belong to a specific set of trade bodies which cost upto £1000 to join per year.

This means that a lot of electricians are no longer able to under take work because of the hurdles that they have to jump to gain membership of the trade bodies (requirements to complete a certain number of house rewiring jobs per year every year).

Personally I find this situation laughable as I have designed electrical equipment for aircraft mixing 3 phase, multiple voltages both DC/AC, but I am unable to legally do any work on my house without the work being inspected at quite a considerable cost to myself either by the fee from the building inspector.

In at least one area I know that the building inspector has no training in electrical work but is signing off work. However you still need to pay the inspection fee.

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  1. Part P is a complete joke,more accidents in the home have risen since it was brought in.
    And that is a statistical fact.Scrap Part P.ASAP.

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