Seizing and destroying a dog based on the way it looks rather than its temperament a) does nothing to protect the public and b) compromises animal welfare.

Why is this idea important?

Thousands of dogs are seized each year for resembling a 'pit bull' – a type classified by appearance only. Many of these dogs are much loved family pets which have not done anything wrong.

While there is currently a problem with overbreeding and 'weapon' dogs, this lies at the hands of the owner and they can be dogs of any breed. It is evident that targeting certain breeds does not work, as they become more sought after

As a dog is identified by sight only, and is subjective according to the person doing the assessment, many dogs that simply a cross of other, similar but legal, breeds may be mistaken as being 'of type' and destroyed.

This can be very distressing for the owner and obviously an ordeal for the dog, which in many cases has a sound temperament.

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