In order to remove the bulk of the legislation that ordinary people see as repressive, irrelevant, economically damaging and plain bloody-minded from our lives, we have to remove the Act that binds us to Brussels, the source of 70% of our laws.  

Why is this idea important?

Our Parliament is POWERLESS to deal with the abuse of the Yuman Rites Act, or any other of the multiple socially damaging Diktats from Brussels, until it regains the power to reject the laws that make it subject  to Brussels. 

I Repeat.

For us to get rid of stupid, irrelevant and damaging EU-originating laws and diktats, we have to get out of the EU.  Only then will Westminster have the ability to restore our civil freedom and sensible, English common law.

This entire website is a farce until the British Parliament regains its power to actually DO something about the appalling state of our country. 

Get us out of the EU, please, and stop pretending that the UK has any influence on EU decisions whatsoever – we don't.  It's enshrined in the EU Constitution. We  are POWERLESS as long as we remain in the EU.

Get us out.

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