There have only been 6 recorded deaths with Samurai swords in the UK – ever. It is not known how many were deaths caused by "Fake" weapons and how many were real. The real ones which are far more dangerous remain legal (which is fair – the number of deaths by swords is negligable, putting on underwear probably kills more people per annum), whilst the fake ones were banned.

Firstly the Home Office Consultation was a complete joke. And the answers were decided way before the question was posed to the general public. Secondly, and more importantly, whilst these fake weapons were banned, nobody has thought of banning Carving Knives etc which are responsible for many more deaths.

Why is this idea important?

As a collector of Antique Swords I have no interest in collecting fake ones from China. This law however has had a knock on effect on genuine collectors. Ebay for example will not allow UK Bidders to buy Antique Swords on their web site in direct response to this piece of legislation. It has impacted far more than the law allows – and has been responsible for "Mission Creep" as non specialised sellers compete with each other to enact ever more draconian rules. It has put the cost of genuine antiques up and destroyed an (albeit small) industry through misguided regulation.

Those who use these weapons should recieve the full punishment the law allows. However to ban these fake weapons means the innocent as well as the guilty have been punished.

One Reply to “Repeal the Criminal Justice Act 1988 (Offensive weapons ) (Amendment) order 2008 Banning fake Samurai Swords”

  1. Repeal this, alongside with Firearms amendment act 1997, 1988, 1968 and pretty much all the way to where it started regulating private weapons ownership. Any full grown responsible adult has an absolute right to own and do whatever they wish as long as they are not unjustly harming anyone else. This is supposed to be a free country right? Think again with all the politicians you what you can and cannot do and showing thier agenda down your throats.

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