I think the Digital Economy Act, which was rushed through in closing business of the last government should be repealed as it is ill-considered, and severely disadvantages ordinary members of the public, leaving them open to blackmail by unscrupulous law firms and big business.

Those who gave it the nod through should hang their heads in shame at their betrayal of our civil liberties!

Why is this idea important?

The DEA was introduced undemocratically without proper parliamentary scrutiny and risks criminalising an entire generation of young people solely to benefit the purses of "Big Entertainment".

In particular I am concerned about the threat to civil liberties involved in the requiring ISP's to cut off internet access on allegations from a copyright holder without having to submit their evidence to due process of law.  Whatever happened to that bedrock of natural justice: the concept of "innocent until proven guilty"?

I am particularly concerned that innocent parties will become liable to blackmail from unscrupulous ambulance-chasing lawyers who can shotgun out allegations without having to prove a thing, thereby raking in revenue at the expense of a lot of upset, and consternation of the public.

I think it was one of the last government's most infamous betrayals of the British people to force this act through parliament with no proper public scrutiny!

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