An overturn of the ban on smoking in Public Houses.  Meaning Real Pubs and not neccesarily Gastro Pubs etc.

Why is this idea important?

Apart from this legislation affecting the Civil Liberties of , by the Governments own figures, around 23% of the adult population, it is breaking down what remained of community spirit , particularly in working class areas and blighting the landscape.

In the constituency in which I live over 20 pubs have closed in the last 3 years with a similar number now sporting "For Sale" or "To Let" signs. Most of those that have already closed now lie abandoned and in many cases vandalised and arson attacked.

All smokers understand that there are health risks associated with the habit and don't wish to force it on others where there is no choice but most see this legislation as an act of vindictiveness by the Wesrminster Chattering Classes and their cronie zealots who have no ideas about the lives of most of their constituents.

In this and most other towns with similar demographics way over half of the community Pubs (those with a max pacity of, say, 100 and on the edges of the towns) had smokers as well over 50% of their customers. These are the pubs thet are closing and it is a national disgrace.

On the financial side I heard a government minister recently comment that the total cost to the NHS of smoking related illness at £5 Billion but again using the Governments own figures arounD £10 billion is collected annually in Tobacco duty. For what it's worth  i and many other smokers are now doing our best, as a protest against the ban, to reduce this tax take by legally importing our local duty paid cigarettes and tobacco from other EU member states. Hardly suprising that you are also having difficulty with counterfeit tobacco products further depleating the returns of this duty.

As to how how the issue may be resolved I don't really mind whether there were to be smoking and non smoking pubs or designated and better ventilated areas within those pubs that elected to go down this route as long as therE is a choice FOR THOSE WHO USE THEM.




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