LoLopants I hope you read this as I first want to apologise for stealing your title.  However, I did so deliberately to get your attention when I was a bit miffed that I was unable to give your IDEA 5 stars as the moderators have cut you off after only a couple of responses because, they say, what you have written is not an idea but a general comment (or words to that effect).

So I would like to state my IDEA which is that I think elected government officials should no longer ask for IDEAS  and then go on the public record (Nick Cleggs' video undertaking blatently obvious damage control re:  an overwhelming majority wanting at least debate on the smoking ban) saying that some IDEAS will never be considered.  Never is a very long time in politics.

So, just in case the moderators are unsure here what an IDEA is, I will bullet point the main IDEA put forward by myself and originally by username LoLopants.

  • IDEA 1…. From now on in a British democracy no IDEA should be deemed unsuitable for discussion and debate among its adult voting populace. Freedom of speech in other words.


  • IDEA. 2…From now on no MP should laughingly deny their responsibility to listen to the ideas of the people who elected him//her, even if those IDEAS may make them nervous because they are scared of doing anything about them. 

Hope that covers what you meant to be considered and commented upon LoLo, and 5 ***** for your great comments and IDEAS.



Why is this idea important?

Because we are not being treated as intellegent adults, capable of forming our own opinions when we are laughingly told that ideas and comments on some issues will not be even listened to or considered. This is insulting and dismissive of many many viewpoints.

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