A host of problems may be solved by resoring playing fields for schools.

– children need open green space not only for regular games lessons but also for the simple pleasure of having free time in a green space

– after school hours and on weekends these areas should be used for after school competitive games. This will teach children team spirit and co-working and it will keep them off the streets

– health and safety rules must be trimmed so that after school games clubs can be conducted in a sufficiently safe manner. If necessary parents and children could be required to sign forms stating that injuries in the course of playing in the fields will be considered normal and will not be open to legal redress. Those parents and children who wish to remain totally 'safe' and who do not sign this document will not have access to the playing fields

– this idea could be linked up to the Olympic legacy for the UK

Why is this idea important?

To bring back basic pleasures to the lives of the young and to produce well rounded children

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