I am currently a sixth former at my local state school and am appauled daily by the lack of control the teachers feel they have over pupils who are consequently allowed to run riot. This needs to be stopped. Teachers should definately be given the moral highground once again, they need to know that the Government are backing them and giving them the power to enforce discipline properly, rather then sending for higher members of staff who recieve exactly the same treatment. The pupils know they can cause trouble without facing any real implications and therefore enjoy roaming the school doing as they please, with the occasional after school detention as their only punishment. The whole system needs to be looked into, and the nanny state needs to be clamped, pupils constantly use their human rights and the fact that 'they'll take you to court' if you as far as touch them, to acknowledge their power within the classroom and students who want to learn and are not at all disrupted find themselves recieving low quality education as a result of this. I'm not suggesting pupils should be smacked by a slipper everytime they speak out of turn, but for the teachers to regain control in the classroom and for constantly disruptive pupils to be secluded or excluded once and for all, as the current charges on schools that exclude pupils means that troublesome youngsters are being allowed back time and time again so that the school can escape the fine.

Why is this idea important?

My idea is important to all students who want a decent education from the local state school, not everyone can afford to go to Eton, but that doesn't mean they should suffer as a result. Currently they do and this is why the education system needs to be revamped, it is not the school building that matters, it is the teaching that goes on within, and currently the standards are slipping due to the constant interuptions. If teachers were given the power to stop this it would restore hope in state schools and hopefully help people from all backgrounds recieve a decent education and start in life.

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