The Labour Cabinet decision not to allow Catholic adoption agencies to follow their conscience when placing children with suitable families was based on a secularised idea of equality. This subsequently forced these agencies to close to protect the integrity of Catholic identity and conscience. Before the new gay rights laws came into force, very aggressively, Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor said: "We believe it would be unreasonable, unnecessary and unjust discrimination against Catholics for the government to insist that if they wish to continue to work with local authorities, Catholic adoption agencies must act against the teaching of the Church and their own consciences." The Catholic Church does not hold homophobic ideas in its teaching, this is erroneous idea in an attempt by a secular based ideology to undermine the ethical teachings of the Catholic Church on the family in order to further its atheist/secular ideology. The issue is about freedom of conscience and a firm ethical underpinning that cannot be swayed by passing ideologies. The Catholic Church has a huge amount to offer British society but it will only do so where a freedom of its teachings and ethics are respected and protected by the Government. The Catholic adoption agencies should be welcomed back into the life of British society as a sign of the acceptence of the Catholic Church in the public life of Britain and a sign of an ideology free equality that we all seek.

Why is this idea important?

The repeal of the law preventing Catholic adoption agencies from operating will be a huge step out of the dark night of secular influence on equality and other laws in the UK. The prevention of these agencies operating has created a social gap between a narrow minded Government and the ethical thought of a long standing instutution in the UK which has contributed hugely to British culture. To behave coldly toward the Catholic Church in the UK is unjust and a denial of its continued role. Also,  forcing the Catholic Church to act against its consciences is discrimination on the grounds of belief.

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