Revise the regulations to clarify the concepts of acceptable risks and trivial severities in absolute terms in order to target singnificant risks.

Why is this idea important?

Much of the intrusive 'Health & Safety' culture is due to health & safety officers in organisations, having dealt with the major risks, turning their attention to the more minor risks that many would describe as "trivial" and in particular to the differential application of criteria across different industries.

On top of this, in many undertakings, the level of 'acceptable risk' is gradually reduced, particularly in inherently low-risk areas to the point that control measures are introduced for activities that have been carried out for many years without incident.

This endless creep breeds a culture of contempt for Heath & Safety and complicates matters to the point where significant risks are over-looked or their control measures are not followed by a workforce due to Health & Safety fatigue.

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