the regs are probably ok but you could easily repeal the HSE Guidance note because its interpreted as meaning every office needs 4 first aiders, rediculous most are unable to deal with major emergencies anyway so better to call 999, for minor emergencies like a plaster or sprain just DIY, its not difficult to put a plaster on is it


i reckon where i work there are over 25 people doing first aid courses, drills, trianing, breifings etc all the time the collective loss of hours is incredible yet for so little benefit


the key problem is the phrase "adequate and appropriate" – risk averse employers interprete this as having armies of trained volunteers on tap with high levels of training and equipemtn, fair enough on an oil rig you might think but for me though in an office where the most dangerous thing is a paper clip fallign into the photocopier, this is OTT and costs us all time and money

Why is this idea important?

less cost for business

less time wasted for business and everyone

better safety measures mean longterm more safe

people would then take safety more seriously therefore longterm more safe

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