With the increase of third party quangos having more and more access to your personal records.   This can only be bad and open to clear violations of an individuals right to privacy.


The Terrorism powers allow more snooping into peoples private lives.


The use of Third party providers. Profit making companies to provide help for the unemployed.  This gives them more and more accesss to your personal info. With the latest coerced labour scenario you have no right to silence,no privacy, you have to tell them everything you do. Infact the only thing that aint regulated ans sanctions imposed for as far as I am aware is flatulence.

Why is this idea important?

Give people back their right to privacy. Common descency dictates that profit taking companies that use the DWP as a cash machine shouldn't benefit from a social cause like they currently do.


Repeal the terrorism laws that are being abused by councils and big public institutions and increasingly private bodies such as a4e


Let people have freedom to choose what they want to do and not be dictated to by the nanny state

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