All taxation from fuel excise duty, road tax, road traffic offence fines and VAT on fuel and cars should be ring fenced for transport projects and maintenance, this would see increased investment in both public transport and our roads. To build railway lines for the 21st century, direct and safe cycle routes where people want to go in all our towns and cities, railway system where freight can be moved off of our roads and motorways where HGVs are disproportionatly involved in accidents, and subsidise rail travel to make it so that people can afford to travel be it as individuals or families to where they want to go at the time they wish to go.

Why is this idea important?

Taxation and fines on motoring are seen as robbery, the public wish to either see them reduced or to see some real benifits from the tax that they pay to the treasury. Spending transport money on transport will see our environmentally friendly travel options become more attractive and more affordable, and our roads and motorways less congested as heavey goods vehicles are moved to rail for the majority of there journeys

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