Research and studies have shown that Fluoridation is TOXIC, causes bones to crumble over time, can cause autoimmune disorders, and is absorbed by the skin when bathing or showering.  It conflicts with many of the  NHS National Service Frameworks ;one of which is preventing fractures and falls in the elderly, as it will cause many people in the population to have brittle bones(even at a young age!!!)Eventually the population drinking and washing in it will suffer inequalities in their health and their mental health.  Who can i sue when i develop Alhzeimers, Diabetese, Heart disease, cancer, brittle bones and brown flecks on my teeth due to the fluoride poisoning?? Will it be the Southampton Local Health Authority?  Why is the populations health being experimented with?? 

Why is this idea important?

Its an S.O.S for the population to prevent major inequalities in health!!  I feel so strongly that i want to move out of Southampton!!!  Our human rights are being ignored, our health a social experiment!!.  Sugar and fizzy sweet drinks causes dental caries/ tooth decay, fluoride causes bone decay, teeth are bones!  Whats going on????  Its the un educated and miss informed orginisations such as dental and Local Health Authorities that dont seem to know that waste  Fluoride from Aluminium or  from fertilizers are dangerous to human health.  Whos getting a back hander for off loading waste fluoride from such fertilizers.  I dont mean to insult the medical professions but the dangers long term to the population will cost far more than the money being paid to off load this toxic chemical into our water supplies. 

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