The eBorders huge database computer system has been declared ILLEGAL under European Law, for EU Citizens. So it cannot be used LEGALLY as originally planned by the Blair/Brown Government.

The Blair/Brown Government said they would now make it a 'voluntary" way to jump the Border queues at the UK's Airports & Ports. By being 'pre-checked" before you travel, you can then walk through the fast track when you arrive.

Why didn't they realise it is ILLEGAL under EU Law? What a waste of money!

Costing £1.2bn it should be scrapped.

The EU has stated that it is illegal to hinder, check, or hassle EU citizens at EU borders.

So this system which the Brown Labour Government pretended was a counter terrorism tool, but was really a Tax and Court Fine enforcing tool.( Brown's people envisiged that if UK Citizens were stopped from travelling abroad if the owed Tax or Court fines, this would encourage UK citizens to pay on time.)

All the terrorists captured todate in the UK would have passed all checks, having clean records and in some cases being NHS Doctors. So eBorders would have been useless in these cases.

David Cameron stated during the Election Campaign that he wants to scrap all Labour's planned huge Databases.  Well this has got to be the biggest one, bigger than the ID Cards would have been.

Let's bite the bullet, and scrap it now.


If the the Blair/Brown Government have signed a binding contract with the American suppliers of the system; then perhaps the system could be modified to make the Visa application system more efficient for the UK Embassies around the World. This could lead to fewer Staff being employed in our Foreign Embassies?


Why is this idea important?

My idea is important, because it is a fundamental right to be able to travel to and from your Country without unnecessary obstacles being put in your way. You shouldn't have to get permission to leave or enter your Country. Most EU Countries don't require you to show your Passport. Why don't we do the same?

I understand the eBorders system will require you to give 48 hours notice of you intention to travel.

The Soviet Union had strict travel restrictions. Surely we don't want to go the same way as the Soviet Union?

Even Leisure Craft would have to give 48 hours notice of their intention to travel to or from the UK. So it will be impossible to take advantage of a unexpected break in the weather to raise anchor, as British sailors have done for centuries.

In 2014 when it is planned to go live, there will be a massive backlash against the Coalition (in my opinion) because of the reduction in Freedom to travel which UK Citizens have enjoyed for centuries.

Urgent attention is required, especially considering the huge cost of this system which cannot be used now as envisaged being illegal under EU Law.

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