I think that New Labour definitly became overzealous with the anti smoking bills and in the end smokers were left feeling like social pariahs. I appreciate that the governments idea was that by stopping people smoking that it would save alot on the NHS. But they fail to grasp human nature, if a person is adviced on what to do they will but force someone to accept it whether they like it or not and they will rebel. I'm not even a smoker and I feel that they are being victimised. Help people if they want it, even raise the price but make them stand outside in the pouring rain 5 metres from a public building is sheer persecution. New Labour were even talking of making it illegal all together and yet I gather you can still smoke in the House of Commons? These anti smoking laws should be receeded. There just going to encourage more people to rebel and smoke illegally.

Why is this idea important?

Because smokers are being persecuted.

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