It seems that the smoking ban in public places has perhaps gone slightly too far, without giving smokers to enjoy the rights in designated places/establishments, which they enjoyed before.

However, the principle is to protect the rights & health of those who wish to enjoy the public realm without the risk of passive smoke.

Difficult balance.

Possibly even more difficult but it seems that there is nothing to protect those, whom are most vulnerable; children.

How is it right that those whom have a choice not to go into a pub to avoid smoke for instance have been protected but children in homes & cars with smokers have not.  And I would have thought the confined spaces and the early stages of development make the consequences even more serious.

Why is this idea important?

Children are not able to extract themselves from the harmful environment(s) hence should be protected.

It seems like a no-brainer to me – is smoking in an enclosed space with children any different than allowing your child to smoke a cigarette?  Which is illegal.

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