Make it illegal for employers to change existing employees Contracts of Employment and Pay Scales to the detriment of the employee.

Why is this idea important?

Every time there is a downturn in spending, private companies and the government feel the urge to change workers Contracts of Employment. This is done in a way that tells the worker like it or leave the company.

Off a salary of £27k I am in the process of loosing £14k from my salary and pension due to changes in my contract. I am still doing exactly the same job if not a little more but there is nothing I can do to stop it except resign and take them to a tribunal for constructive dismissal. This I can’t afford to do because as soon as I resign I will loose my wage. Getting another job at 52yrs more or less impossible these days so I’m stuck. Although a loss of this wage will mean I will have to sell my house because I won’t be earning enough to pay the mortgage it still does not stop them from changing my contract. This really should be made illegal to change contracts for workers who have signed for the terms and conditions when they joined the company.

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