I never wanted WAG…what a ridiculous thought, 1% magin and no recount??? What could you do with all that money??

Look at AM's expenses too

Get rid of WAG, save loads of money,( insead of cutting public sector jobs) which can be re distributed into front line services. You have been elected by the people, plese listen this time.

Why is this idea important?

Duplication, Duplication gone mad, Jobs for the boys, makes my stomach churn.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more. The WAG is such a waste of money. The people of Wales cannot afford such wasteful luxury.
    Our health care is sub-standard due to lack of money. Sick Welsh people are suffering because of lack of money. Yet thousands and thousands of pounds are sent on the WAG.
    In part the people of Wales are torn between the desire for a Welsh government and the knowledge that the financial cost is far too high. Also, people are scare of being seen as “unpatriotic” if they say the WAG is a waste of time & money.
    People of Wales please see the facts and act with reality in mind.

    WAG should be more

  2. This is a great idea, the welsh assembly harbours nationalistic views and millions are being poured into keeping the dead welsh language on a life support machine, the welsh assembly government is reckless and therefore it should go

  3. I agree whole heartedly. Menna Machreth WLS, has just commented in North Wales that the Welsh is anessential skill not only in Gwynedd but across Wales. How can she justify that comment when the Welsh speakers in the 2004 census was 21.7% and in 2011 it was 19% a drop of 2.7% in 7 years. Thats 27 people in 1000. No doubt that will be a mixture of death, people moving away for better jobs and people moving in.
    it’s about time there was a campaign to get rid of the Welsh Government – after all those that campaigned for one weren’t content with the result of the first referendum but they continued to campaign for a second one. I think that, with only a 50% turn out in the second referendum that people were fed up with those continuing to cmpaign and they thought it was a “done deal” and the vote wouldn’t go the way of ghose who wanted a Welsh Assembly. Unfortunately only 51% of those who voted wanted the Assembly which, in effect, means just a little over 25% of the electorate in Wales.
    We should have a campaign to get rid of it and get an electronic petition on You Gov. I’m sure the Welsh news channels would pick up on it. They’re a compkete waste of money, throwing it around gor their ownbenefit. The air flight between Anglesey and Cardiff is heavily subsided by ghe Welsh Government. It’s knkwn up here as Iuan’s Airways because Ieuan Wyn Jones was always on it – after being on BBC news promoting the new high speed train link between Holyhead and Cardiff. If it was so good why didn’t he use it instead of the plane? And why buy an airpirt after other specialust companies had turnec down the offer to buy it?

    1. I completely agree with all the comments on this page – particularly Steve’s comment of 25/01/2015 that a campaign should be started to abolish the Welsh Government. The question is how to do so. If anyone has any ideas, I’d be more than happy to be involved.

      1. Can Abolish the Welsh assembly party be on the vital system . Unfortunately next week is the WAG voting what can we do. Could we set up a stall at the voting centres or posters outside these places. If we can leave the E U surely we can have a vote to abolish the WAG.
        Make our own posters or banners and place them outside the local balloting centres.

  4. Get rid of the Welsh assembly, an excellent suggestion
    as the whole idea is an expensive waste of time and financial resources. If they were not wasting their time
    they could be doing a useful job,perhaps mending the broken roads or producing something to sell.

    We need better government not more of it,may be more customs officers to cut down on crime,more ability to get rid of undesirables and more investment on worthwhile jobs,

  5. Can Abolish the Welsh assembly party be on the vital system . Unfortunately next week is the WAG voting what can we do. Could we set up a stall at the voting centres or posters outside these places. If we can leave the E U surely we can have a vote to abolish the WAG.

  6. The Welsh Assembly should definitely be abolished as they do nothing. Remember the squable about plaid being a cheap date and a bill then being rejected out of spite. Also they don’t represent anyone, Learn Wood is my regional AM and for over 2 years I have been trying to meet with her which is a basic right as a person on the electoral register but her and her staff just ignore you. They don’t even reply to calls or letters. Andrew RT is almost as bad as is Eluned Parrot so it’s not just one party but all of them but as first minister Carwyn has been the worst

  7. Yes get rid of Welsh Assembly now. Population of Wales 3.1 million, Yorkshire 5.3 million, Cheshire and Lancashire 6.5 million not to mention Midlands. Why not have assemblies in all these areas too? The reason we couldn’t afford it, increase in red tape, endless talking with no action and the massive employment of people in unproductive pointless jobs. We had ample representation prior to 1997, lets get back to that and move forward again. North Wales, with about a quarter of the population, voted against in 1997 and has minimal if any benefit from Assembly.
    Campaign to abolish Assembly.

    1. Whole heartedly agree. The Assembly is nothing but an expensive talking shop. The sooner we get rid the better.

  8. People it’s called democracy, live with it. If you want to get rid of a political body that does nothing and squandered billions of pounds every year then set up a campaign to get rid of Westminster. Of course you English Nationalists would never do something so sensible

  9. Please someone open a petition as the WAG is a total failure. With Jones spouting rubbish out of Nicola Sturgeon’s handbook. £500 million a year and they want to increase the AM’s.

    1. They have, ever since the Assembly was established we have had English immigrants crying Wales down. No one is listening to those idiots, their online petitions get a handful of votes

  10. #sigh… Wales is a country. Scotland & NI as well. Which bit of ‘this isn’t England’ do you not understand?
    I’m all for England having its own assembly as well.
    Wales is getting more powers. (not enough) Wales is losing MPs. Increasing AMs is vital to democracy, vital to scrutiny, vital to the constituents.
    Time to stand behind your country, it’s people, it’s future.

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