Those below the personal tax level (for income tax) are amongst the poorest people and way below the poverty level. Yet councils can charge tax BELOW THIS LEVEL. This is morally unacceptable. 

It also ushers in a volume of bureaucracy  to calculate the amount of so-called 'benefit' to be set against the charges. Volumes of unintelligible letters are posted by the Council eg. I had 3 posted seperately on the same date, several about my owing 07p (!) from spring 2008. Countless hours of council staff time are involved.

Let the Councils – and the Government – obtain its finances from those with the ability to pay,not off the backs of those who struggle for basic existence.

Why is this idea important?

We need to live in a more equitable society. The poor have worse health and die younger than others. This is not surprising, given inadequate funds for a  healthy diet, heating and health costs. Apart from the moral issuue, human beings are our greatest resource. It is they who create, have ideas and nurture – not money or oil.

Those who live off the fat of the land may like to consider – What would happen if your circumstances reversed eg. you lost your job or pension,became ill and there was no family or insurance fallback?

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