stop all immigration and attend to our indiginous problems first.  only if this country was practically 100% perfect should we allow anyone in…the simply ad to the problems


NHS health issues




civil unrest

etc etc

Why is this idea important?

It is too late now to go back 50 years and keep this country's population viably small.  For a country of this size 40 million people would be max.  Never mind the economy growth, what about us inhabitants having to crawl over each other like ants to achieve what we are trying to do, be it driving, shopping, seeing the dentist, doctor, getting jobs, learning in massive classes, etc.   Can't you see this is the tip of the iceberg ….in 20 years 80million, in 40 years 100 million, in 100 years 200million?  Don't doubt the possibility of this scenario, though I'm sure some corrupt future government will fabricate a massive war to annihilate half the population, or ensure through other devious means that people die before their time.

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