Tonight, I saw a new anti-smoking advert of the TV. In this advert, a mum is seen smoking on her doorstep. In the house are a couple of children ((I am not absolutely sure of the facts because I only saw it once). A voice-over then says that tobacco smoke is invisible and gets everywhere. It then says "TAKE SEVEN STEPS".

There is an obvious implication in this advert that there is some danger to the children inside the house from the mum smoking on the doorstep. In reality, there is no such danger. None at all.

It is beyond my comprehension that the Health Dept can issue such garbage.



Why is this idea important?

The Health Dept is already wasting billions of pounds of taxpayers money. I do not speak of front-line services to the sick. I speak of mumbo-jumbo statistics, studies and surveys. It would be greatly to the advantage of the Nation if the Health Dept cut out the cost of all this mumbo-jumbo and reverted to its true purpose.

Our freedom to go about the business of living out lives without being constantly bombarded with nonsensical pseudo-science would be much enhanced and taxpayers money would be spent on real health care.

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