I believe Nick Clegg wanted surveillance authorisation and control to be carried out at the magistrate level so that a judge was responsible., and the former Labour government wanted a senior executive level person in the Council to be able to authorise and control surveillance.

At the very least surveillance authorisation and control needs to be accomplished at the magistrate level so that a judge authorises and can control what is being done.  If this needs to be strengthened so that specialist judges are responsible for authorisation and control of surveillance, then so be it.

There needs to be a redress of grievance process connected with the authorisation and control of surveillance so that the specialist judge can receive feedback directly from those who experience abuse in order for problems to be addressed promptly before excessive damage is done.

I’ve been subjected to totally invasive surveillance for almost 12 years since mid-August 1998 24/7/365 which has nothing to do with an investigation and everything to do with fabrication by extreme abuse including imprisonment, torture interrogation, medical experimentation, surveillance R&D and destruction of all human activity and life. 

This is very much a reality of the past 12 years under the former Labour government, and all my continuous and extensive efforts to address this problem failed by a system of denial that blamed the victim, me, in order to protect those abusing surveillance so that many benefit from the attempt to silence my reporting and discrediting what I did report. 

I call this Toxic Surveillance that is very much a fact of life in the UK which will get much worse if it is not subject to careful authorisation and control.  Below are some links to information about my experience if you want more information about what has happened and continues to happen while I write.  It is most important to understand the nature of the surveillance technology today and how very important it is to have the best authorisation and control process possible well connected to a central grievance process.



Why is this idea important?

Having directly experienced surveillance abuse of power for nearly 12 years 24/7/365 I consider this the most important problem facing the UK today bar none for it impacts the life of everyone everywhere in some way.  Just the possibility that this can occur and has actually happened indefinitely for a dozen years without the prospect of ending it or obtaining any protection whatsoever under the democratic rule of law implies that the UK is a totalitarian state where every person is at risk of being subjected to this kind of total abuse and destruction of human activity and life. 

I cannot overstate its importance and can only communicate its comprehension so that all can recognise the horror from such surveillance abuse that exists given the state-of-the-art technology that has existed for the past decade which continues to be developed in situations like mine.  The implications for such future abuse are quite profound indeed.  It goes beyond anything that has been imagined in the past and threatens democracy itself.  If this surveillance technology abuse continues in this manner in the future, these forms for responding as I am doing here will not exist. 


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  1. I totally agree, after 3 years of the most intrusive surveilance at a private home, the dwp have the impression that no law or
    ethical concerns apply and the police collude as doe the IPCC. Authorisation is the key issue and monitoring of the organisation using surveillance. Surveillance should be extremely rare in a democracy though the uk has long since ceased to be a free country with its high levels of political and police and judicial corruption.

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