The present law regarding the docking of dog's tail should be repealed. The process is a simple one when carried out on pups just a few days old, it is a sensible insurance against later tail damage which in an adult dog is a serious and painful injury, with amputation requiring general anaesthetic  and causing the dog real suffering. How many might suffer this injury? Does it matter?  We are talking about the prevention of suffering.

The people who want this law repealed are the ones who care most about dogs and who are the ones least likely to tolerate any ill treatment or suffering. Listen to them.

The people who were responsible for the introduction of the law in all probability are well intentioned but perhaps too easily influenced by the emotive language used by the anti docking brigade. I would also suggest that none of them have ever been present at a docking, nor have they seen an adult dog with a damaged undocked tail. 

Why is this idea important?

This idea is important because it will prevent suffering, surely our common objective.

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  1. Working dogs can still be docked by a vet, check the law. Pet dogs have no need to be docked and yes puppies feel pain.

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