There is a need to repeal, or ammend the law regarding the docking of dog tails, especialy the docking of the tails of dogs such as spaniels. This type of dog is used to entering and hunting through deep cover, and in consequence non docked tails get badly damaged.


Although the law in England and Wales, allows for docking if one can prove the dog will be worked, docking has to be done within the first few days of the birth of a puppy. It is not possible to assess a dog's working ability at such an early age, and in any event, even a non working spaniel will still enter heavey cover and get its tail damaged when being out for a run.

Why is this idea important?

My idea is important ascurrent legislation on tail docking undermines the reason it was introduced; namely to prevent suffering to a dog. A hunting dog such as a spaniel with an undocked tail can suffer a bleeding and torn tail week after week.

Also vets are using current legislation to avoid all docking, rather than looking at the needs of the individual breeds.

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