Being naked in itself does not harm anyone, except potentially the naked person.

However great harm is caused to many people because they have issues with their bodies, or with the naked bodies of other people.


Why is this idea important?

Allowing anybody to be naked in public places will help normalize the diversity of the human form.

Being naked or having / believing you have a less than perfect body is not in its self a problem. It it how we think about it and how we behave that is potentially the problem.

Outlawing nakedness serves no real purpose. It just creates an issue where there is none. It deflects people from the real issues.

People may find nakedness un-attractive, or too attractive but that is their issue not the Law's.

People have no right not to be offended in life, and this may help people understand this too!

2 Replies to “The freedom to be naked in public places”

  1. People in this country are suffering, and even dying, because they are scared of their own bodies.

    Allowing public nudity is a free and easy way to reduce the shame and horror that people feel about their bodies, and allow them to be happier and healthier.

    It might upset some people some times, but it is for the good of the many that people get to see that our bodies come in all shapes and sizes and that there is nothing wrong or wicked or shameful about anyone’s body.

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