I would like to see the abolition of laws relating to the criminalisation of recreational drugs, which in my opinion no longer serve any purpose other than to line the pockets of legal proffessionals and drug lords.

In order to explain my idea I will use my own real life example.

My house was burgled, the police came for which I paid.

The scene of crimes team came for which I paid.

The burgler was captured on an unrelated offence for which I paid.

He spent several months on remand in a nice cell with three meals a day and a colour tv for which I paid.

He was taken to court for which I paid

He had no income so asked for legal aid for which I paid.

The CPS managed to secure a conviction, for which I paid.

In exchange for a lighter sentence he was put on a rehab course for which I paid.

He is now staying in jail with hs colour tv, three meals a day, gym etc for a few more months, for which I'll pay.

When he gets out the most likely outcome is that the whole cycle will repeat itself, for which, we will all (one way or another) pay.

I just got through my house insurance renewal, with monotonus predictability my premium has risen sharply, and you dont need me to tell you the outcome of that.

In this whole scenario three types pf people made money. The drug grower/importer. THe street dealer, the addict (selling my stuff and smashing open my three year olds rupert bear piggy bank which was just too classy for words). Throughout the scenario one type of person got to pay for everything, me the taxpayer. This situation is desperately unfair and just goes on while the war against drugs has saldy and most clearly been lost, how long can we be expected to pay?









Why is this idea important?

We need to break the destructive nature of drug taking by turnng it upon itself by legalising recreational drugs.

We can control the manufacture removing or even perhaps co-operating with the existing manufacturer.

We can control the supply removing the street dealer.

We as a society can take the profit from these actvites from the hands of the drug lords and put them into the services that are currently draining the pockets of the law abiding taxpayer.

We can gradually ratchet up the tax similar to the approach on cigarettes and in a couple of decades allow the problem to minimise itself.

This idea is really rather simple and those are the ones that tend to work.

Take the profit out of the hands of the drug lords and use it to attack the scourge itself. At the moment all we are doing is subsidising an illegal industry.


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