Dear Mr Clegg and Mr Cameron,

I have had several ideas regarding drugs and prostitution. I'll start with drugs first.


 I do not condone classified drugs in anyway, however drugs are a part of life, be it a teenage rebel smoking cannabis or taking ecstasy, a young professional in a nightclub doing coccaine right the way through to the darker side of life with heroin and crack addicts that are ignored by a society and penalised for re-occuring offences because they cannot afford the fines that have been issued to them for possession of drugs. The crime that drugs encompass is huge, from drug dealers, drug traffickers, drug abusers and theft. If drugs were legalised and regulated properly, under government control, then there could be a tax system that could rake in millions and subsidise the help that is required to put the more severe drug addicts into effective rehabiliation instead of the prison systems where drugs are still readily available, again, proving to be more economical for the taxpayer. It would eliminate drug dealers thus eradicating drug and gun crimes and street gangs.

Although I'm not condoning drug use in anyway, I do acknowledge that the system we have at the moment just doesn't work. The revenue that can be made would go into the millions, if not billions, the purity of the drugs would cause less health issues and possible deaths, and just a fraction of the revenue can help more serious drug addicts in rehabiliation centres.It would also take a huge pressure and burden off the police force, prison systems and the NHS.


Prosititution is an awful way of life, more often and not to feed drug habits that have spiralled out of control. There are hundreds of vulnerable girls out there that are at risk every day. If we could make prostitution legal, a method that has proved to be a success in Amsterdam, we would have cleaner, healthier prostitutes that are less likely to get STD's, be subjected to acts of violence and ripped off by pimps.

The brothels that prostitutes work in would be taxed and create more revenue which could be used to help prostitutes back into a more functional society and away from the life of drugs.

Or, we could stick to what we have now, which with each point I have made, does not work.

I hope you read this and seriously think about my suggestions. It can work this way, although it would be hugely controversial, it would prove in time to be the best solution.

Kind regards,

Helen Richardson, 25.

Why is this idea important?

This is an important idea because everyone benefits from it in our society. It stops ordinary people associating with drug dealers, it'll get drug addicts off the streets, it'll reduce theft, gun crime and gangs and could possibly restore communties that are otherwise shattered through gangs and drug criminality. The revenue made would benefit every single person in this country and the drug users wouldn't have to worry about what they are putting into their bodies other than what they are buying from the regulated drugs suppliers.

Drugs have and will always be around, it's whether the government decides to take control of the situation, the same applies with prostitution too.

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