Use the Sharie as a model of simplicity for the framing and application of laws. All seem to understand the Sharie while virtually no-one can understand English Law (Common or otherwise)

The Sharie has stood the test of time. It works and is used in the UK already, although this is denied. Banking law is increasingly based on observance of the Sharia and this will increase as we begin to see the toxic and ruinous effects of the UK banking system.

I do not advocate adopting some of the traditional and Quranic laws of the Sharia. I simply say we could learn from simplicity and effectiveness.

Why is this idea important?

This idea is important because its time has come. We have a criminal state and full prisons. Our commercial laws are so comlex as to defy understanding or rationalisation in any logical way. Our system is a way for lawyers to exert too much influence and to live off the state in a parasitic manner which they don't deserve or that can be justified any longer. The system we have is under so much pressure that it is about to break and collapse into more confusion and cost for working people and tax payers.

We need a new approach based on simplicity and reducing the volume of laws and statutes that are crippling us and casting doubt in all directions.

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