Repeal the Town and Country Planning (Control of Advertisement) Regulations, the roadside advertisement provisions of the Highways Act and teh Clean Neighbourhood and Environment Act.


This is the most universal form of civil disobedience and criminal negligence carried out across Britain today.  It is ignored by the tens of thousands of perpetrators and beneficiaries,

It is also actively and negligently disregarded and tacitly accepted by all the Government Agencies from the Planning Officers, Environmental Health Officers, Highways Inspectors and others charged with control and enforcement. 


Why is this idea important?

From my own first hand witness, it is obvious that the Local and Central Government authorities have no intention of enforcing this legislation and local, regional, national and international business has no intenttion of complying with the legislation.

The fines for these offences are level 4 Magistrates fines of up to £2,500 PER SIGN.  i.e. several tens of millions of pounds of fines if every offence that was committed was enforced.  This would more than cover its administration and would be a net gain to the Exchequer.

If the Government can enact and improve legislation only to see local government agencies actviely and completely disregard it, then parliamentary democracy appears to be dead.

If you are not going to enforce this then let us have a free for all like every US street with 10.0m high neon burger buns and flourescent orange steaming coffee cups on roof tops. While we are at it, why not let every shop owner put 'A' boards on the footway outside their shop so that all their shoppers, pedetrians and wheelchair users have to share the tarmac with the vehcicle traffic to walk around the signs?

Let's have a trailer hoarding in every vehcicle lay-by and in road side field across Britain.

Lets hang fabric banner advertisments around every road junction and off the facade of every listed building in a conservation area in every town and city.

Let us have Kleeneze style Distributor business card drops in every telephone booth and bus stop from Penzance to Perthshire.

Let us have dance club and travelling circus posters on every telegraph pole, vacant shopfront and pavement telephone engineering exchange cabinet.

Let us have a signwritten vehicle parked on every over bridge of every dual carriageway.


enforce the laws and regulations

take massive deterrent fines

protect Britain from optical pollution by business and individuals desecrating urban and rural areas alike for simple greed.

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