Can i first state that i  was in trouble with the police when i was young until the age of 20years . I have not committed any crimes of dishonesty for 36 years i have not been in trouble for 26 years. All my crimes were for theft in all 12 offences 7 offences were committed under the age of           18 years, the most i received was a sentence of 6 month's in prison. Why then is my criminal record still there when i have a CRB Check done for employers to see after all these years ago, don't you thing this could be used as a block for my employment chances. I do understand that some crimes are never spent for reasons of the serious implications.

Why is this idea important?

This is so important it must be sorted out and rules change for all ex offenders as we need to be treated myself and others as you would like to be treated fairly in society and not be stamped as a ex criminal all your life. How can you ask a person to find employment with that hanging over there heads every time they have a interview with employers knowing you have to hand your CRB Record Check in to the employer. If a person comes under the rehabilitation of offenders act then after a period of time there records need to be clean for employment purposes.The criminal record could be still there for the police to use but with discretion.

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