Yes this will creat some remarks,after the Dunblaine shootings the then goverment organised a report on the use of all firearms at a cost of I beleave 5 -6 £ millions and then took no notice of the Cullen report, who stated that small calibre hand guns that are used on ranges could still be used under strict controls as we are now. What I would like is the Cullen report inplimemted and allow us british shooters to have the same right as our cousins in europe enjoy and can practice for sporting events

Why is this idea important?

The freedom will allow future pistol shooters to get ready for ALL shooting events that are held in the UK,after all pistols can and are still held by members of the public under lincence in parts of the UK such as Northern Ireland,isle of Man and the Channel islands who have more freedom than us on the mainland

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