Perhaps its about time that the UK has a good look at the way immigration is control in countries like America. Irrespective of your country of origin, your reason for entering the UK (when not coming for a recreational visit or education) should only be to work. If you are entering the UK you should have a job waiting for you to fill, a sponsor to vouch for you, and have paid a fee for a work permit. Cutting our ties with europe to ensure we tighten up on the reasons for employing migrant workers and would stop companies under valuing the UK work force and hopefully push the government to start investing in the areas that are at greatest demand from the migrant workers. All too often we are seen as an easy target for the euro zone when it come to finding jobs but surely we should start with getting the british public back into work before we offer jobs to those from outside the uk. A green card style work visa would also ensure that the level and quality of those who do enter the UK to work is of the highest calibre.

No job – no reason to be in the UK.

Why is this idea important?

I work in a company that has the highest level of quality employees. They are from all walks of life and all parts of the world. What makes it different is that its quality over quantity. You have to be the best of the best to work here and that makes it somewhere you want to work. UK employers do themselves or the british economy no favors by being party to this 'cheap labour' mentality that we currently have. We are a proud nation that want to work our way out of recession. Rather than opening our jobs market to the world….start at home. Retrain, educate, invest.

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