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Amendment to the Hunting Act 2004

Comment 17th July 2010

An amendment should be made to the Hunting Act 2004, Schedule 1, Exempt hunting, (6) Falconry, to require dogs to wear muzzles when flushing to birds of prey.

The Act should be amended to include draghunting and again dogs should be required to wear muzzles.

Why does this matter?

To prevent the accidental killing of wildlife and domestic pets or livestock.

Flushing to birds of prey and draghunting have also been used as a cover by those flouting the law. This amendment would stop them exploiting these "loopholes". At the same time this would ensure that those people who enjoy a legitimate and humane sport can continue to do so without their reputations and that of the sport being tarnished by those using it to hide their criminal intent.

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