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End fascisistic persecution of cannabis users.

Comment 2nd July 2010

The jig is up.  The reefer madness propaganda has failed miserably.  How can it be that the Government advertises and endorses one type of recreational drug, whilst simultaneously criminalising the users of another type of recreational drug?

Q: When was the last time any of you have seen a 10 year old, un-supervised, walk into an off-licence or bar and order a drink unchallenged?


Why?  Because alcohol is REGULATED.  I on the other hand HAVE seen a 10 year old walking down the road with a Marijuana joint.  Drug dealers are not nice people, so whatever your opinion is of recreational drugs for consenting adults.  On the basis of this alone the Government MUST take control of drugs away from such elements.

The time has long since past, to drag drug policy into this century.  Portugal, Holland are more progressive, and have the health of their respective nations at the forefront of policy making. 


Such a shame I fear that the impassioned cries to our Government will once again fall on deaf ears.  God bless Nick Clegg.  This is a Tory Government, so lets not be at all optimistic about this!


Why does this matter?

Drug dealers care not who they deal to.  Regardless of Age, Gender, quality of product.  The Government is cowardly in going along with this 'War On Drugs', or rather 'War On certain types of Drugs'.  If you are a consenting adult over the age of 21, is it not your decision to do what you wish with your own body?  Leaving drugs in the control of such individuals is the height of irresponsibility, not to mention the fact that the self same arbitors of morality have all dabbled in illicit drugs themselves!

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