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Give pedestrians rights to the pavement

1 Comment 5th July 2010

In recent times parking on the pavement has become "OK" – often blocking pedestrian access completely.  The law should be specific and make blocking the pavement illegal – without the need to prove obstruction.

Why does this matter?

Currently – as I understand it – parking on the pavement is only illegal when obstruction can be proved.  This is clearly ridiculous  – how do you go about removing an obstruction (the parked vehicle), when you need to pass in your wheelchair, and there is no one else around.  If it was an offence to block the pavement with a vehicle at all times, then the police could take steps to remove the obstruction at abny time.

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One Response to Give pedestrians rights to the pavement

  1. Jim says:

    Nice to know I’m not the only one who thinks that pedestians are now 3ld class citizens.
    Cars on pavements, delivery vans on yellow line still parking fully on the pavement,even at bus stops.
    Cycles with no bells or indication that they are behind you ON THE PAVEMENT.

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