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Joint enterprise

Comment 29th July 2010

Illegal and racist law that is highly abused by the police to put youths in jail for life.  The police are threatening our boys with this abusive law if they dont give them the evidence they want.  Hurry up and do something how many youths have to put in jail and abused before someone with some commons sense does something.

If it was MP's children involved in this corrupt law you'd soon see a change perhaps overnight.  But same old dirty attitude it's ethnic minority so they dont give a toss.  Infact no seems to care about the amount of ethnic minority prisoners which just demonstrates how very very racist our Government continue to be.  How ingorant no one on this earth can chose the colour of their skin but ignorant members of Parliment in this country demonstrate we are not welcome and NEVER to be accept for their very own prejuices and low life attitutes.  I say get the prisoners out of prison and lock up the MP's after all the Government of this country are the biggest murders going and they definately are all part of a JOINT ENTERPRISE – Takes one to know one, that law should have been designed for them.   They claim this country is a democracy!!!

Why does this matter?

Because it is modern day corruption!!!

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