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No job seekers allowance if there are unskilled jobs available.

1 Comment 4th August 2010

No job seekers allowance if there are any unskilled jobs available in the job centre.

Sorting by the person who has been unemployed longest,  they are given an unskilled job on if they say no or stay less than 3 months no JSA. This follows until there are no jobs left at the job centre.

Why does this matter?

There are always lots of jobs at the job centre for cleaners and nobody taking them.

Eliminates scroungers claiming JSA and not taking any jobs.

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One Response to No job seekers allowance if there are unskilled jobs available.

  1. Tommy Docherty says:

    Approximately 9 million people in the UK ‘economically inactive’, with around 500,000 jobs available.
    In my local jobcentre there are two jobs for cleaners, part-time, and not many more for unskilled workers. Even the cleaners jobs are asking for previous experience.

    Have I stumbled onto some kind of lunatic asylums website, where the lunatics are coming up with lunatic ideas that the lunatics in the House of Commons are not lunatic enough to propose?

    It wont be long before someone starts a thread, ‘Kill the unemployed – We’d save a fortune’.

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