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Repeal of the Act of Settlement

1 Comment 28th July 2010

I consider the Act of Settlement is outdated and limits the freedom of Catholics. A Catholic cannot be Prime Minister for example. Anyone else can, Muslims, Jews, Bhuddists, etc etc. Why is this dicrimination still in force. Catholice Bishops or Archbishops are not in the House of Lords, The Chief Rabbi is and I believe Methodist Leaders are, Lord Soper definitely was and we have Muslim Baroness.

A few years ago when Tony Blair was in power, Ian Duncan Smith, leader of the opposition and Charles Kennedy leader of the liberals, there was talk of a general election. If the Conservatives or Liberals had won, or if there had been a coalition then, both leaders were Catholics which would have caused a constitutional crisis.

It is high time this mess was sorted out.

Why does this matter?

My idea is important as a large section of the population appears to be second class citizens.

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